[tek_iconbox tt_search_icon=”do” icons=”fa-dollar” title=”Accounting Module” text_box=”This being the core module that brings together Systembora includes familar features like Cash, Bank, Debtors, Creditors, Journals, Depreciation, Prepayments, Trial balance, Reports, Budget, Asset register, Prepaid schedules, Accounts listing, Accounts listings and Period” color=”#670000″ icon_position=”center”]
[tek_iconbox tt_search_icon=”money” icons=”fa-money” title=”Payroll Module” text_box=”Systembora makes it simple to put your payroll in order. Have categories of staff say, junior, senior and casual, view their payment reports, easily tally their commissions, deductions and create payslips. Also, create individual or multi user paroll summaries.” color=”#670000″ icon_position=”center”]
[tek_iconbox tt_search_icon=”hom” icons=”nc-icon-outline-home” title=”Stores Module” text_box=”In this module, the following will be found under stores menu: Purchase orders, Store requisitions, House requisitions, Write-offs, Debtor charges, Stock-take, Valuation, Reports, Items Listing, Suppliers and Stores. Track your Inventory appropriately.” color=”#670000″ icon_position=”center”]
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